Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When you were a kid did you...

...stand by the road and throw the international blow your horn sign to truckers? You know, the one where you reach above your head and pull the imaginary lever like the one they use to blow their horn. Then we would chortle with glee when they would respond.

...go out of your way to walk the rock wall beside the side walk instead of just walking on the sidewalk.

...make prank phone calls

...slide down the stairs on your rump or your belly

...collect pop bottles for candy money

...roll down the hill in the grass until you went so fast that you careened out of control

...run past the scary house because it was haunted

...play "curves" in the car (everybody leaning into the curve and of course crushing the person beside you as you did it)

...play follow the leader until your barefooted sister actually stepped in the pile of dog poop that only she didn't see for some reason

...stand at attention on the playground even if you couldn't see the flag while the whole school said the Pledge of Allegiance together.


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