Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cheyenne Queen

Queenie was the first greyhound I ever owned and was the mother of all my pups. She was given to my husband by an owner as a Christmas gift. We got her before she was even 2 years old because of an injury. We took her everywhere with us and spent many happy years together with her.

She was an excellent mother. When it would come time for her pups to be born she would come wake us up and start whelping. We would watch over her to make sure there were no problems. We learned early to leave her with her babies as long as possible - she taught them a lot about racing before they ever got to the track. She would pick up the squeaky toys that we bought for the pups and run around the yard squeaking them while they chased her. They would literally chase birds that flew over the yard because they loved to run so much.

She enjoyed my 100 acre farm immensely. She had the run of the whole place. I had to put her down when she was 10 years old due to severe arthritis. I didn't have the heart to do it so I had to have Bobby come up from Florida just to do it. She is buried in the front yard of that 100 acre farm with red tulips blooming on her grave every year. Every time I visit our local animal shelter I stop by the memorial walk where I had a brick engraved with her name. I miss her very much.

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