Thursday, July 19, 2012

There was Something in the Air that Day

On September 24, 1982 I eloped.
On September 24, 1982 my Aunt Mary and Doug Noble eloped.
On September 24, 1982 my cousin Lit'le Man and Tonya eloped.

None of us knew the others were eloping What a surprise it was to our families that not only one of us eloped but all of us did it on the same day.

Unfortunately All 3 couples divorced. I think Lit'le Man and Tonya were first and then Doug and Mary and finally Bobby and I.

Lit'le Man and Tonya remarried years ago.
Doug and Mary are on their way to the altar again.
There is no way in hell that Bobby and I will reunite.

The big question is....Will Mary and Doug remarry on September 24, 2012. Exactly 30 years to the day they married the first time?

The next question is...Since Mary is getting remarried will she change her name to ReMary?

Last but not least...Can I come to the wedding?

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