Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Never Took Any Money for Finding Greyhounds Homes...

...even though there were adoption groups making hundreds of dollars for each dog that they found a home. That is why I was so effective at finding homes for them. I also did follow up visits to make sure everything was OK and I only had to take back a handful of dogs for various reasons.

One time I drove a dog about 40 miles to a lady's house. She insisted that I take $20 for gas. At first I refused, but I relented when she told me if I didn't take the money I could just turn around and take the dog back home with me. I knew if I turned around and took that dog back to the kennel, they would kill it. They had no room for it and I didn't have any room at my house for even one more dog. So I took the money.

There probably wouldn't have been anything wrong with me taking money but I had several adoption groups on my ass because I did for free what they did for money. The tracks couldn't make me shut down because I wasn't taking any money also.

That meant I could funnel 10 dogs to homes compared to adoption groups finding 1 home.

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