Monday, July 16, 2012

Sam Gives Back

I have mentioned Sam before in my blogs. He had a stroke when he was 45 years old. He spent the last two years struggling to do everything with his cane and only the right side of his body working.

Everybody helped Sam. Even the worthless drunks helped him because he was so helpless. Of course plenty took advantage of him as well but it was unusual for the kind of people I saw helping him to help anybody.

A couple of months ago a man gave Sam a motorized wheelchair. Sam has been enjoying his new found freedom. I found out the day before yesterday that Sam is doing little things for people around the building now. Usually things like taking out the trash and picking up trash around the grounds.

He is so grateful to be out and about that it is his way of giving back. There are many of us here in the building that go out of our way to pick up trash or do little projects to beautify our neighborhoods. We may not be able to do much but we do what we can.

Yesterday, I watched Sam stop Vera and take her trash to the dumpster for her. Vera and I were talking about how nice it was to see Sam in his wheelchair because we had watched him struggle for so long to take a single step. Once he had taken Vera's trash to the dumpster he came and told Vera he wanted payment. He wanted a cup of coffee. He still has trouble cooking. She was happy to do it for him.

While I'm on the subject it is nice to see Vera out. She was in so much pain for a couple of years that she had to have others walk her chihuahua, Charlie. She has been able to do it herself for a few months now. She is also the one who took care of Lillian so she wouldn't have to go into a nursing home until she died.

So many times I blog about the assholes in the building. It's time to focus on the good people too.

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