Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camden Park

West Virginia's only Amusement Park

My Aunt Wanda took us for the first time when we were kids and from then on we were hooked. It is big enough to be fun and small enough so that you didn't spend endless hours waiting in line.

We went countless times after that and I have taken all my nieces and nephews and friend's kids and my stepdaughters (when I had them). They had the same television commercial for most of my life and my twin stepdaughters were featured in in when they were about 3 years old. (before I came into the picture)

I think our record for riding the "Big Dipper" is like 27 times in a row. We would jump off the rollercoaster as soon as it stopped and race back around to the entrance and if we were lucky (and a lot of times we were) we would be able to get right back on the next car and do it all over again. It is (and always has been) a rickety wooden rollercoaster. It starts off slow and then you dive into a tunnel which brings you out to the "big" dropoff. It is most fun in the back car because you kinda jump in the air just as you start over the top of the hill and drop back down again.

No trip is complete with out riding "cloud 9" and "the spider" and smashing into each other 9 or 10 times on the bumper cars. The haunted house is silly but you do go pretty fast, zipping around the curves in the light and dark.

The train used to have a real buffalo and a Settler and Indian Battle going on. It also circles the amphitheater where they bring in "Big Name" acts for Memorial Day and the 4th. of July.

They used to have the best Pronto Pups (corndogs) but they did away with them unfortunately. Anyway the place has good memories and it still brings good memories to families today. When I lived in Huntington my stepdaughters would beg us to take them and just leave them for the day. They had a ball. and you didn't have to worry about them getting into trouble back then like you do today.

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