Friday, June 25, 2010

"have you been dreaming of the day?"

One morning after spending the night at Sis's house I woke up to find Alexis, her 5 year old, playing in bed beside me. I didn't think anything about it and I dozed back off. I woke up again a short time later she was still there and it dawned on me that she was supposed to be in school. I shook myself awake and I asked her, "Alexis, why aren't you in school today?"

Here was her dreamy reply and she had such a look of bliss on her face that I was taken aback. "Have you just been dreamin' of the day - when you didn't have to go to work - and I didn't have to go to school - and we could just play all day." Then she looked at me with the smile of a pure angel.

I realized that I had been paid probably the highest compliment that a 5 year old could pay me and I smiled and told her "yes, I've been dreaming of the day" after which I flopped back on my pillow and groaning to myself internally. I had REALLY wanted to sleep in that day. But I rousted myself out of bed and I took her to breakfast and we had a glorious day.

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