Thursday, June 24, 2010


One time I was pulled over in my "limo".

(The limo was a dodge colt that I bought for 200 dollars. It had the passenger seat pulled out so we could haul greyhounds in it. That meant that everywhere we went either Bobby or I had to be in the back seat!)

It was 4:30 in the morning and I was late for work. I passed a car in a no passing zone and I was also speeding. I guess I should mention that I had taken the tag off of another car of mine and put it on the limo. I did however have the proper title.

That poor policeman came up to my car to get my information. Since it was 4:30 am the mosquitos were out pretty heavy and the whole time he was questioning me he had to beat himself to death with his flashlight because he was trying to kill those merciless mosquitos. I felt sorry for him, but it was still funny - watching him smack himself to death with that flashlight.

He told me that the tag was not registered to my vehicle (which I knew) but I pointed out to him that it was indeed registered to me. I gave him the title of the car which showed the car was actually mine. He matched the two together and informed me that it was illegal for me to take the tag off of one car and put it on the other without first registering the tag.

This is where I let the "dumb blonde act" take over. I looked him right in the eye and said, "But I bought that tag myself. It's mine. I paid for it with my own money!" I said it with every ounce of innocence that I could muster. I knew full well I couldn't legally do that since I had done plenty of title and license work for my dad. Well the policeman's jaw dropped wide open and practically hit his chest and my husband flopped down in the back seat with a loud groan.

As the policeman walked away shaking his head to write me a ticket, Bobby started yelling at me telling me that we were toast. I just laughed. When the policeman came back with the ticket (it was only a ticket for improper passing) I was sooo grateful. He started to tell me that I could contest the ticket but I stopped him and told him that it wouldn't be necessary because I was the happiest person that he ever written a ticket! I KNEW that he was letting me out of hundreds of dollars worth of them.

The end

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