Friday, July 9, 2010

Classic Moment in Fruth History

My friend Judy was checking out a lady one day when she looked up and saw the woman's 5 year old son in the ice machine. (It is one of those giant machines with a glass door that holds a couple hundred bags of ice) Apparently the door had locked behind him when he had climbed in there and he was beating on the door and screaming as only a 5 year old can when he is locked up in a verylarge, very cold box! The sight was even funnier by the fact that apparently when you are locked in an ice machine it is soundproof - so we could see him beating on the door and his mouth contorting but we couldn't hear any sounds!

Judy exclaimed, "Jaunita! look at Joey!"

Jaunita turned to look at her son and turned back to Judy and calmly said, "How embarrassing!" and started to cackle with laughter. Then she walked over and opened the door and let her son out and apologized to Judy for the commotion

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