Sunday, August 22, 2010

Between a Rock and a Hardplace

One time I was doing a home visit for my job. I pulled up to a house and it looked like no one was home even though I had an appointment to be there. I went to the door and I knocked and waited. It was as I had thought, no one was there. I turned around to walk back down the stairs off the porch and a rather large hound dog appeared. He was growling and obviously not pleased that I was visiting his home.

I stopped dead in my tracks!

Just about the same time I froze in place, I heard another growl. This one was off to my left on the porch. I looked sideways (without turning my head) and there was another hound dog. He was just as upset with my presence as the first one. I now had 2 growling dogs on each side of me.

I was in a pickle!

As I stood there contemplating my course of action, the 2 dogs continued to growl. I slowly positioned myself so that I did not have my back to either one and decided to stare at the ground. I gathered my courage and started to ease down the stairs, one by one, never looking up at the dogs. I was sure at any second one of them was going to launch himself at my throat and then they both would proceed to maul me.

Fortunately this did not happen.

I kept my back to the bannister on the stairs as long as I could and then I slowly started to back myself to my car. When I finally made it to my car, I said a prayer of thanks to God. In all my years of working with dogs, that is the closest I ever came to being attacked!

I never went back to that house.

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