Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Weeks Dumb "Pam" Moment

A couple of days ago my oxygen dropped to dangerously low levels and I had to go to bed for the day. When this happens I know I should stay in bed but I start thinking about things I need to do and I do them - and then I seriously screw them up! (that is my "mad at myself face")

Here is my latest screw up

I needed to send a movie back to netflix. Eddie came by to check on me and I asked him to drop the movie in the mail for me. I gave him the wrong movie. I gave him a movie that was supposed to be returned to the library. I didn't realize it until the next day when I went to take the movie to the library and there was "Crazy Heart". (netflix movie)

I called netflix. She said they would try to return it but they hadn't received it. She told me they had copies of the movie and they would just send me a copy to return to the library. I told her that sounded great to me and I would check with the library. Unfortunately the librarian did not think it sounded so great. She did not want a Netflix movie because she said they didn't know how many times it had been watched. Only the libraries original copy would do. So I schlepped back to netflix (by phone). The woman told me she would try to get it back but perhaps they could just credit my account with $9.99 and I could use the money to offset the libraries replacement cost of $24.95.

By the way, the movie is "Lenny". The 1974 version of the Lenny Bruce Story. I wouldn't buy it in the discount bin for $2.00. I am currently waiting to see what Netflix will do - they are being most helpful.

It is a sucky prediciament of my own making and I am disgusted. I should have just kept the movie another day because I know when I am in that kind of shape that 9 times out of 10 I will screw up any thing I touch. Of course being resonable is NOT one of the symtoms of low O2 - quite the opposite in fact.

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