Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Here's the only review I pay attention to!!"

I was working at the worst job that I ever had - Pizza Hut! I was the only waitress and we were in the middle of a god awful lunch rush. In walks the "mystery man" from corporate to do my review. (of course I knew who he was!) I was trying to keep whole families happy and not screw up any orders and this ya - hew wants me to give him impeccable service! "NOT!"

I got to him when I could and I ignored him as much as humanly possible while still giving the paying customers the best possible service that I could give them. I basically slopped him his order and left him his check and went on my merry way. That night when I was ready to leave the manager called me into his office. "You have gotten me the worst review of my career! I know you do better work than this. What in the hell was wrong with you today?"

I smiled at him and I reached over and grabbed my tip card. I was the highest tip earner of the day by about double what anybody else had. (I made sure to report every penny that day. Usually I just made sure I came in second every day) I looked him in the eye and I said, "This is the only review that I pay attention to. I knew who that guy was from corporate and as far as I'm concerned I was so busy that he should have gotten off his lazy ass and started to help me with that lunch rush! Now do whatever you want to do to me!" Then I walked out. He never said another word to me about it.