Saturday, October 2, 2010

The War Dance

When I was in the process of leaving my ex one of the stranger things he did was take the giant bag that I had saved all of our receipts in for the year (tax purposes) and burn it. I watched him take that bag and build a fire in the front yard and do a war dance around it whooping and hollering the whole time proclaiming his victory over the world at the same time.

I did not say I word. I did not try to stop him even though I knew I was watching the difference of paying substantial taxes and getting a refund go up in smoke before my eyes. I let him burn it because also, contained in that bag, was the receipt that the police had given him when they had confiscated his guns when I had called them about the domestic violence.

Without that receipt he had no chance of getting those guns back - ever.

It was money well spent.

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