Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Bullshit! You Can't Talk Like That in Public!"

In my first pharmacy job I worked for a pharmacist who was legendary for his mistreatment of employees. In fact when I left, I was hired on the spot at the next pharmacy job when I told them that I worked for Walter and I quit because I couldn't take it any more.

One day he was being particularly awful and a good friend of mine who taught sign language came in the store. I was complaining to her about his particularly cruel treatment that day and she said, "That's just bullshit!". I started laughing and asked her how to say "bullshit" in sign language. She showed me.

The next day there were 3 people sitting in rocking chairs in front of me when she came in the store. Both she and they were waiting for prescriptions. I decided to see if I remembered how to say "bullshit" correctly. When she looked at me I crossed my arms and made the proper hand motions and IMMEDIATELY one of the men in the rocking chairs jumped up and shouted - "Bullshit! you can't talk like that in public!". Of course I was mortified and started to apologize to him profusely while my friend was sniggering in the background.

He said he grew up with a friend who was deaf and he was proficient in sign language. He hoped I learned not to assume that other people in the room couldn't speak a foreign language. I assured him that I most certainly did! I was petrified that he would get me fired.

I later told Walter the story and he thought it was hilarious. (of course I did not tell him why I wanted to learn how to say bullshit.)

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