Sunday, June 12, 2011

Did Daniel Boone Walk Here?

Everytime I go into the woods that thought crosses my mind. I know he lived around here for a time before he decided to push further west into Kentucky.

One of my favorite poems in junior high was "Elbow Room cried Daniel Boone". I don't remember if that was actually the title but at the end of each refrain we had a wonderful time with the cry, "ELBOW ROOM CRIED DANIEL BOONE". It was about his desire to explore the woods and his need to move west as settlers encroached further and further into the frontier.

So as I wander through the woods, and I do so more in my imagination than my body these days, I can't help but think,"did Daniel Boone walk here?"

I also wonder if he really had an Indian friend named Mingo? You know, like in the tv series.

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