Saturday, June 18, 2011

Funny Father's Day Story

A couple of years ago I was working on Father's Day. A father approached me and told me that his son wanted to be alone in the store for the first time so he could buy him a present. I assured him that I would keep a look out for him while his dad waited outside.

The little boy was about 7 years old. He was a chubby, little thing and he was absolutely adorable. I watched as he wandered around the store several times and I noted that he kept ending up in the beer aisle where he would count his money and continue to look around the store. There was a stack of beer there that was the perfect height for him to count his money and I really didn't think anything about it.

I looked up to see this little boy approaching me. He was carrying a huge 24 pack of beer that was so big that he could barely lug it to the counter! He was actually staggering under the weight of it and I thought he would drop it at any second. He strained to lift it onto the checkout counter and I helped him slide it up there. I smiled and asked him if he needed help with something.

"Yes mam," he said, "I would like to buy this for my dad for Father's Day."

I could barely contain my laughter as I politely told him that I wouldn't be able to sell him the beer because it was illegal for him to buy it.

"But mam," he politely protested, "this will make my dad really happy!"

I felt like a heel for telling him no, but I had to. Steve, the other cashier, was standing there chuckling to himself at the picture the little boy presented as well. I offered to get his dad and let him pay for it but the little boy insisted that HE had to make the purchase by himself. I told him I would put the beer back for him and I think he ended up buying his dad a baseball cap or mug or something.

I am quite sure that his dad would probably have enjoyed the beer as much as the boy seemed to think he would but I had to do what I had to do.

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