Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lucid Dream Lost

I was dreaming that I was at the track picking up dogs and they changed security and everytime I tried to go around it there was a man there with his back to me who always said "We already thought of that."

I made it to the race in the nick of time and a woman was there who told me that I wouldn't be picking up this dog that I would only pick up certain dogs from now on. I asked her when my turn was and she said "Tuesday the 21st."

I told her that I wasn't happy about it and she said to come with her so we could talk. We were separated and I realized that I was dreaming.

I thought, "now I can try my personal goal of leaving my body."

I was immediately speeding through a silvery white tunnel with silvery white geometric shapes all around me.

Then I thought, " this is taking too long, " and I lost the Dream and I was awake.

When I lucid dream things usually happen the second I think about them That is why I started thinking, "this is taking too long."

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