Sunday, June 26, 2011

lucid nightmare

12:50 am

dreaming about writing the dream
having a contest
trying not to let evil enter my mind
I was in haunted house
Attacked by ripping & tearing
Keeping it out of my mind so it wouldn't hurt
attack didn't work
dark bat wings entering my mind
stay strong it's a dream
It won't hurt if I don't allow it
in haunted house
pictures are attacking my mind
let evil travel through
I have one (won)
here it come's again
dark castle
screaming, screeching, flapping, tearing

extreme thirst woke me up

I have been having dreams about a contest that I couldn't remember for months now. The contest was between the dream that I am having vs. the dream that I want to have. I was not able to control the dream but I was able to control my reactions - this time. Something that I have been working on for years.

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