Monday, August 1, 2011

Love Taps

When I first learned to drive I learned that my dad had an odd way to say hello if I was sitting at a red light. He would pull up behind me and tap my bumper with his car! It freaked me out the first time he did it but I got used to it over the years.

There is nothing like sitting at a red light, minding your own business, and getting popped from the rear all of a sudden. Nothing harsh, mind you, just a love tap.

Here are 2 of my dad's favorite jokes:

What is that slow stuff between an elephant's toenails? Slow Natives..hahahahahahhahaha

How do you keep a "butthole" in suspence? I'll tell ya tomorrow...hahahahahaha

My dad loved to eat at nice restaurants. One time the waiter brought his steak to him and it was rare instead of well done. Daddy took out his lighter and proceeded to properly flame broil a bite of steak on the spot.

When the waiter asked what he was doing, he told him that if they couldn't properly cook his steak then he would just do it himself.

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