Monday, August 1, 2011

The Most Mortifying Moment of My Life!

I was newly married and I was in the local drugstore looking at bottles of douche. This area of the store was right next to the prescription pick-up area and there were at least 3 very old people in line as well as the store in general being crowded that day. I came across a box of fruit flavored edible douche packets which I never imagined even existed before that moment.

I picked up the box and saw cherry, strawberry and jasmine flavors. Upon reading "jasmine" I instinctively and very loudly exclaimed "Jasmine, who in the world would want to eat Jasmine!"

I looked up. All the old people in line as well as the cashier and the pharmacist were staring at me! I turned about 16 shades of red, set down the box and promptly retreated from the store.

Utter humiliation would not be a strong enough term for what I felt that day.

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