Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spot Light!

"Spotlight" was another favored game that we used to play. Basically it was hide and go seek in the dark - with flashlights. The flashlights give it a "running for your life" quality. We felt like criminals running from the police after a prison break. My heart would literally pound so loudly in my chest that I thought my stalker would hear it when they walked by.

Spotlight starts off with one person being "it". Whomever they find joins in the hunt until everybody is looking for the last person. There is a "base" just like in hide and go seek. If you can make it there before the "pack" finds you then you are safe and you don't have to be "it" in the next game.

I learned early how NOT to be found. First of all I would pull my shirt up over my hair. My blonde hair stuck out like a sore thumb and I had no chance of staying hidden until I thought up that little trick. It would reflect just a hint of a light, moonlight, flashlight...whatever...

I also learned that people NEVER look "up" when they are hunting for you. I would climb a tree and watch people walk underneath me all night long. I could even listen while they discussed where they were going to look for me. All they had to do was "look up", they never did.

My niece and nephew grew up playing the same game and they enjoyed it as much as we did. It was one of the few games we showed them that we used to play that they didn't find BORING!

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