Thursday, October 13, 2011

20 Questions lifted from "Simply Cynful"

1) What is the most revolting thing in your fridge right now?
a papertowl in the back of the bottome shelf with some blood on it.
2) Ever smoked pot?
3) Ever eaten a quart of ice cream in one sitting?
not that I can remember but I probably have
4) Most memorable childhood memory?
wiffle ball in the back yard
5) Most stupid thing you have ever done?
there is no "most". there are so many
6) Closest friend?

7) Number of relationships?
does this mean sexual or family or friends or what?
8) Dream job?
Greyhound Trainer...I did it and I loved it
9) Biggest fashion faux pas?
apparently it's my crocs
10) Favorite recent memory?
I'm in a downward trend right recent faves
11) Fake tan or sunbed?
hehe. Simply Cynful says that she is waiting for her freckles to merge into a permanent tan...I've been saying that my whole life. It's nice to meet someone else with the same problem.

12) How many times have you crashed your car?
I've been responsible for 4 counting fender benders. Only 1 that I consider a crash though. I have been hit by others more times than I want to think about.
13) Are you superstitious?

14) Most revolting habit?
biting my fingernails and using them for toothpicks.
15) What was your teenage rebellion?
a boyfriend, a robbery and drinking to oblivion
16) Wax or shave?
I only waxed one strip one time in the 80's......NEVER again
17) Unusual skills?
none now...I was a Centipede wiz in the old days though
18) Celebrity crush?
nobody in particular, just lust after lots in general
19) Any regrets?

20) Does size matter?
yes, if your shoes are too small they really hurt.

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