Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Frankie Baby!

Once upon a time there was a penguin named Punguin. He was a happy- go- lucky penguin who lived his life in an icy, cold pantry. Penguin had big dreams. He wanted to vacation in the warm forests for once in his life.

One day Punguin, the penguin, entered a trivia contest. Punguin was quite good at trivia and he won the contest. The prize was an all expense paid trip to the luxurious Greenbriar, a 5 star hotel in West Virginia. Penguin was thrilled and the day came when a special chartered, refrigerated jet picked him up and flew him to WV. It was beautiful. What a contrast to the frozen tundra of his pantry. It was everything he had ever dreamed it would be.

Punguin, the penguin, enjoyed himself immensely at the Greenbriar. He decided to call his friend, Pam, who happened to live nearby. She came right over and they cavorted and played all over the resort. they decided to take a hike on one of the trails. They stopped for a picnic. They had just opened a can of herring and unwrapped the crepes that Pam had prepared as a surprise for him. When they heard a crazed scream in the woods. It was a scream that curdled their little toes and they huddled together as a wildcat strode into the glade. It didn't look like it wanted herring for dinner either.

The wildcat took a giant leap with Punguin dead in it's sights. Pam and Punguin were petrified! At the same time as the wildcat jumped at them there was a mighty crash in the trees. Faster than the speed of light the great, spotted, she abbagoochie swooped down and slaughtered the wildcat! It never knew what hit it.

Pam and Punguin hugged each other in relief as the great, spotted, she abbagoochie told them, "There's no need to fear, as long as the great, spotted, she abbagoochie is here."

they were grateful and invited the great, spotted, she abbagoochie to join them in a feast of herring and crepes and some lovely tea.

They lived happily ever after.

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