Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's your favorite Hamburger Helper?

I guess I am fascinated by the variety of Hamburger Helper because I am not allowed to eat it anymore because of the salt content.

I used to adore the Cheesy Enchilada flavor though. Something about that powdered sour cream sauce that I drizzled over the top got to me. It tastes better than real sour cream! The Potato Stroganoff was pretty good too.

Also there is not one of the recipes that can't be duplicated using the one pan method and it's actually tastier and easier to do your own most of the time. I guess the fact that it is so cheap is one great selling point. It is also just part of Americana now - just like little white powdered doughnuts. There is not a store in America that doesn't sell these things.

I've never had the Asian Flavors at all. I didn't know they even existed.

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