Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Deed Alert and Monthly Health Update

A big thanks to the Addington Family. They donated 4 warm blankets and some beautiful women's clothing to the people in Lee Terrace yesterday. The stuff was so nice I was tempted to keep some of it but I didn't. This is not the first time Lisa and her family have donated to the people of Lee Terrace and it is much appreciated.

Fruth donated groceries several times this month but I was too sick to distribute them but at least they tried.

I started feeling better a couple of weeks ago after my relapse in September. It took a good month for me to start feeling like a person again. In the past couple of weeks I have stopped napping every day and am starting to clean house again.

Unfortunately I am going to put fattycatty to sleep tomorrow. I have decided that I have been keeping her alive for me and it is too cruel to keep her alive any longer. She will be sorely missed and I will be devastated.

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