Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"I shaved his head when he came home drunk"

At least that is what we told everybody the next day when we went to work...they believed it too!

But here's what really happened. My ex had terrible hair (what little bit he had of it). There was a small ring of it around the sides of his head with a little bit of a scruff on top - not enough to even attempt a combover if he as so desired. As many men did back in the eighties he tried the little ponytail in the back and he even permed what little bit of hair he had a couple of times.

Finally after years of me asking him to do it he shaved his head one day. Believe it or not he actually liked it. He looked much better and he still shaves it to this day (as far as I know anyway). He said he couldn't believe the difference in the way people treated him either. They actually treated him with respect he said. I have found much the same thing to be the case when I have colored my hair from my natural blonde to brown before. People treat me entirely differently.

But the fun part came when we went to work the next day. We told everybody that he came home drunk and to teach him a lesson I shaved his head. We had lots of laughs over that one.

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