Saturday, November 5, 2011

RIP fattycatty

I put fattycatty to sleep the other day. It was time. She was 14 years old and she was no longer fattycatty - she was just a bag of loose skin and bones.

She dearly loved Pounce treats but I could not give them to her for the last 6 months of her life because she would just throw them up. I have posted her Pounce commercial in the video above.

I am too sad to see the humor in the situation now but I know I will later. When the veterinarian came in to put her to sleep a couple of her Pounce treats fell out of her carrier. fattycatty did her level best to get to those two treats. In fact she tried to bite the vet - not because she was holding her leg to give her the shot but because she couldn't quite reach the treats that were laying beside her.

In death as in life Pounce treats were all she ever thought about.

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