Monday, February 20, 2012

I Broke His Little Leg So I Had to Smother Him

Yes, I committed murder. I confess. It was brutal. It was ugly. It was a mercy killing and the only thing worse than killing that poor, little mouse would have been to let him live. Let me explain....

I was working in a kennel. We had some mice. My boss put out those horrible glue traps to catch them. For those of you who don't know, a glue trap glues the mouse to it. They don't die, they just get stuck and then you throw them away to die a long, slow death in a trash can until they smother or starve or get crushed.

I was so horrified by these traps that I sneaked and coated them with vegetable oil. The oil was the same color as the glue and it was undectable until my boss picked one up one day to see why it wasn't working. He thought it was hilarious when he questioned me and found out what I had done. He also warned me that if I did it again he would fire me on the spot!

The next day he and Danford went down to morning schooling. They left me in the kennel to do some other work. When I walked into the kennel, on the counter was a mouse trapped square in the middle of a glue trap. It couldn't budge. I knew that when my boss got back in about 15 minutes that he would just throw the mouse in the dumpster to die a horrid death. I couldn't have it.

I walked over to the mouse and inspected the trap. I decided to put a little oil on it for lubrication and then the mouse could just skitter away on it's own. This didn't work. Now the mouse was stuck in the middle of a glue trap and it was covered in oil.

Then I decided that I could wedge something under it's feet and free it that way. It took a tiny fingernail file and slid it under the mouses leg and I was trying to work it under it's foot when "SNAP" it's little leg snapped like a twig! It was horrible. Now not only was the mouse stuck but it had a broken leg... a severly broken leg!

I couldn't let it just lie there and suffer and I knew my boss would be back anytime to throw it in the trash and then it would really suffer. I didn't have the heart to smash it with anything so I decided the most humane thing I could do was to smother it. So, I pushed it's little face into the glue and I held it there until it was dead. It was terrible. When you smother something it actually takes quite a while to die. I could feel it struggle beneath my finger and I could see little air bubbles in the gluey, oily mixture it was imbeded in.

Now I am a murderer.It was a mercy killing but it was still murder. My good intentions meant nothing.

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