Thursday, February 23, 2012

There'a Always Another Minimum Wage Job Down the Street

There's always another minimum wage job down the street! That has always been my motto and it has served me well. I wish other people would realize it, there would be a lot less misery in the world if people wouldn't put up with their bosses' crap just to make a nickel. Here's one of my favorite examples:

I went to work at McDonald's. Now this was a part-time job for me. I already had another job that I loved I just needed a little more money at the time. I went into work for the first time arriving about a half hour early just in case I needed to do some preemployment duties such as paperwork or something.

The manager handed me a shirt and tells me to go change, so I went into the restroom. I put on the shirt and right at my nipple was at least a quarter size hole. I went back out and told the manager that I needed another shirt. I informed her that the shirt she had given me had a hole in it in an embarrassing spot. She flung the shirt back at me and told me to "Deal with it."

I started to tell her again that the shirt had a hole in it "right over my nipple". She told me once again that it was a problem that I would have to deal with. So I looked at the shirt. I looked at the manager and I said "Okay".

I tossed the shirt on the counter and I walked out the door. I went across the street to RAX and they gave me a job for the same pay but they gave me a shirt without a hole in it. In the meantime I left the McDonald's manager staring at me with her mouth agape as I walked out the door.

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