Friday, February 24, 2012

Remember Dark Shadows

I sure do. I was only around 5 when it was on the first time. My mom would watch her afternoon soaps. I don't remember the order but I do remember "The Secret Storm," "The Edge of Night," "General Hospital," and "Dark Shadows."

We weren't even allowed in the living room when "Dark Shadows" was on, mostly because I had nightmares every night. I do remember sneaking up behind her recliner and peeking around it to watch "Dark Shadows." I remember being terrified by it but I couldn't resist. At least until the day I heard a haunting voice calling through the mist for Angelique....Angelique... I watched as another woman (probably Angelique) walked through the fog until she got to the cliff and there was the most terrifying apparition ever! Her hair blowing in the wind around her obviously dead face. I don't think I ever sneaked and watched it again!

The in high school they had "Dark Shadows" reruns. All my friends would watch it and race to school the next day to discuss the episode we had seen the night before. We were avid followers.

Last but not least there were my first lucid dream. As I mentioned I had nightmares ( now called night terrors) every night. My poor mom was up with me sometimes several times a night trying to calm/wake me from my dreams. She used to tell me to make the dream do what I wanted it to. Kill the monster! Make a door and run away! Anyway here is my first lucid dream and the beginning of the end of my nightly nightmares.

I was dreaming that Barnabus Collins was in the room outside my door waiting for me to come out of my room so he could get me. Finally I got tired of that big bully. I marched out of my room right up to his face and told him, "this is MY dream and you don't scare me!" Then I spat a wad of tobacco right iin his eye! I never dreamed about him again. Obviouly my smokeless tobacco assault worked!

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