Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Blog 2012

The day started out great. I was still up at midnight playing words with friends. I had a 113 point word right off the bat and a couple of wins. Birthday wishes started pouring in.

Yesterday my nephew called me out of the blue. He came over and joined Eddie and I at a Power Baseball game where we won 14 to 2. He treated me to hot wings and Eddie bought me some onion rings. I only eat onion rings once a year but they looked so good I couldn't resist.

Eddie and I finished up watching season 4 of True Blood. Can't wait to see season 5. I couldn't believe Sookie went back to pussy Bill!!!!

I polished off my night with more words and I will be leaving for Florida on Friday if everything goes as planned.

Happy 50 years on the earth to me. I beat the spread by 1 year so far.

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