Friday, August 3, 2012

Today is my day for brutal honesty with myself

I have been planning a trip to Florida. I wanted to just jump in my truck and go. It is not going to happen. My truck is mostly packed but I am so tired that I would be an idiot to take off on such a trip. Of course there are those that would say I am an idiot anyway.

But is was a goal and I thought with the proper planning I could make it. Looks like I was wrong. I am going to leave my truck packed. It won't hurt a thing. If I feel better tomorrow I have it in the far reaches of my mind to still go. But I know the trip will suck all my energy well before I get there and then I will have to have a couple of days (at least) recuperation. Then I have to get back again.

It's always good to have a goal and I keep trying to do my best every day. I will keep trying. I think that perhaps my best is within 20 miles or so of my house.

I even went to my oxygen place and they gave me 4 tanks of oxygen to take so I could breathe it every step of the way. They also have a Florida office for me to contact if I have a problem with my O2 machine or my bipap.

So you see, I have been making sure I am properly prepared. My recent courtroom fiasco (which worked out in my favor, mind you) and the drain on me from the power failure and helping my mom after her surgery should stand out as my most recent failures.

But I keep trying and I will continue to try because that is what people do.

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