Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I went to renew my driver's license today

They wouldn't give it to me.

I had: 1, my current license
2. my birth certificate which I had sent from (out of state) and unfortunately some goofball stamped it and signed it but didn't imprint the seal on it so the DMV wouldn't accept it.
3. My marriage certificate
4. my Divorce papers
5. My medicare card which until today I thought was my social security card but apparently it is not even though my social security number is on it.
6. my voter's registration card
7. my West Virginia Housing ID card which is certified by the State of West Virginia...including fingerprints.
8. I also had my motor vehicle registration as well as the disability placard which is registered by the state of WV.

I got all those documents just by presenting my driver's license which is not expired and they still won't let me renew my license unless I get another birth certificate from the same people who sent me the other one.

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