Monday, June 7, 2010

The Egg Riots were Worse than the Milk Riots

When food goes out of date at Fruth they give it to me to give away in the building. About a month ago I had 15 gallons of milk to give away. I pulled up to the building and hollered at the old, geezers smoking in the swing and asked if anybody wanted some milk. They swarmed my truck. The arguements started because some people wanted whole milk instead of skim milk. A couple of stingy piggy ones wanted more than one gallon. The fact that it was free never entered their minds. I had to rein them in. So went the milk riot.!

A couple of weeks ago they called me from Fruth and told me they had 75 dozen eggs to give away. I told a couple of friends to let people know and I went over to Fruth to get the eggs. When I came back there was a crowd of people waiting. Once again I had to firmly let 4 different people know they could only have one dozen eggs. I was giving them to everybody...not just a select few. I even had to take a dozen out of one lady's hands.

If some of these people would show that much enthusiasm about getting a job then they wouldn't need free milk and eggs. I do it though because there are many people in the building who are helpless and I like to help them. When it comes to refrigerated stuff though I just have to give it to whomever is around because I don't have a place to store it.

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