Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Wanna Horse

When I was a girl my dream was to have a horse. That is how I got into greyhounds, it was a matter of access. I had the chance to do the dogs and I knew I would probably never be around horses.

I actually did have a horse the summer of my sixth grade. He was a red Morgan Horse. He was stunning. My dad bought him for me and we boarded him at a friend's stable. He sold him at the end of the summer though. My parents said that he wasn't being properly cared for which at the time I didn't understand, but looking back on some of the things that I saw at the stable I realize now that they were right. It still broke my heart when they sold him. (I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I CAN'T REMEMBER THAT HORSES NAME!)

They would take us up to ride mostly on weekends. Cy had some extra horses, so my brother and sister got to ride too. But I always got to ride my horse. I didn't have to share. We used to take him sugar cubes and carrots and I thought it was a big deal to feed my red horse "Red Horse" tobacco. (although I wonder about the wisdom of that last one now) One time we went up to the stable and Cy said he had been trying to catch my horse all day. (His pen was practically the whole side of the mountain) I walked out and my horse came right to me. That is the day I learned I have a special gift with horses (and most animals). They will come to me when they will go to no one else - even animals that don't know me.

Me and Billy and Rhonda would ride in the riding pen only. We weren't experienced enough to go outside of it. I remember Billy fell off one day and Buck (his favorite horse) almost trampled his head in the process. They always put my sister on the pony. He was a stubborn sucker that wouldn't hardly move. I really don't think she had much fun. Anyway that was the summer of my horse.

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