Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I called 911 - AGAIN

I was returning to my apartment and I heard a noise behind me just as I was going through the door. I turned to see a man with his head sticking around the corner at the other end of the hall. I did not recognize him so I went on in and locked my door and looked out my peephole. It looked like he was bent over but he was still around the corner and I couldn't see him that well.

There are drunks living in both apartments at the other end of the hall and I thought it was just another drunk trying to visit one of them. I could hear moaning through my door and I didn't know what in the world was going on - I thought it sounded like the man was in extreme pain but I didn't know so I called the police because I wanted to leave my apartment to go downstairs and I was afraid to leave.

They responded within 10 minutes.

I saw a policeman go down the hall and look back toward my door. He went around the corner and I didn't see or hear anything else for awhile so I thought maybe they had left. I went downstairs to watch tv and there were 2 police cars there. Soon after I settled in the tv room an ambulance arrived.

Shortly thereafter the police came down. I introduced myself and told them I was the one who called and asked if they needed to see me. They said no. Then the police and paramedics brought JT out. He is a resident of the building and he is a nice man. He has been very sick lately.

I asked if he was OK and they told me they thought he was having a diabetic episode or something and they were taking him to the hospital. He looked like death warmed over. I hope he is OK. They said he was really confused which made sense because he lives in an apartment a few floors down exactly underneath where I had seen him. Apparently he was on the wrong floor and didn't realize what was wrong.

I wish I would have recognized him because I would have helped him without involving the police. I hope he understands. I hope he is well.

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