Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Found a Horse

When I lived on my hundred acres I was on the phone to my partner one day and I looked out the window to see a horse. Not only was a stunned to see a free horse standing outside my window I was absolutely astounded to see that it was a male horse in full bloom shall we say. I started to laugh and Fisher wanted to know what in the world was so funny. He almost died when I told him that I now understood what the phrase "hung like a horse" meant. He laughed because he had more experience with horses than I did and he knew exactly what I was referring to.

I got off the phone and found some carrots in my fridge and when out to investigate this godsend. I cautiously walked up to the horse because I have heard some nasty stories about stallions but he was quite happy to see me. As he started to munch the carrots I looked him over from head to toe. He was a nice looking horse and his coloring was very pretty. It looked like he had dipped about 3/4 of his face in a paint bucket the way he was colored.

I saw some nasty, infected looking scars on his legs which looked like barb wire scars to me so I got worried about him because I had seen what those cuts can do to an animal. I hurriedly built a make due pen on the front of my house (I was a whiz at fence building in those days). I then led the horse to the pen and put him in it.

Satisfied that he was safe and that he wouldn't be going out toward my greyhound field and driving them nuts I set out to find the proper owner. There was a horse supply place about a mile down the road so I went there. I went in and asked the old man if somebody had mentioned losing a horse. He hadn't but he told me about a man who lived close to me that it might belong to. He cauioned me to make the man describe the horse to me if he said it was his because somebody would just claim the horse and take it.

I told him about the cuts and he sold me the proper medicine to put on them. I stopped by the farm he told me to go to but no one was home so I went home and doctored the horse. About the time I finished a car drove up and a man got out. He said, "I hear you found a horse that might be mine.

oops...gotta go

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