Sunday, June 6, 2010

I tried to join the Navy once

When I was 19 I went into the recruiters office and I took the necessary admission tests. After the tests were over the recruiter called me over to his desk and told me that I had the highest admission scores that he had ever seen. I thought this was unusual because even though I always had scored very high in academic tests. I had also always scored low in the nonverbal tests which is what mostly comprised these tests.

He talked to me for awhile about the benefits of joining the Navy and all of a sudden out of nowhere this old coot came at me with his lips puckered and his arms outstretched. All I could see was grey hair and wrinkles coming at me! I was completely surprised by this and dove out the door like a scared rabbit! I could not believe that such a thing had happened. (I was a very innocent 19)

I went home and told my mom and she promptly called the recruiter's office and reported him. The next day his commanding officer called me and told me that the recruiter had been removed from his duties. He said he had been demoted one full rank with a corresponding reduction in pay and that he had been required to tell his wife what happened. (I don't know how they could enforce that last one.) He hoped that the officers behaviour would not deter me from joining the Navy.

I did not join, but the reason that I did not join is that back in those days they wouldn't let a woman fly jets. So sexism was still the reason that I did not join!

I have heard of various scandals involving the military and sexual harrassment. I have to say that in my case it was handled swiftly and severely.

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