Monday, August 30, 2010

I Was Jump Rope Champion of the Third Grade

That is probably my biggest claim to fame in grade school

In the first grade me and Suzanne would run out to the merry-go-round and jump on it and the big boys (6th. graders) would push it as fast as they could and we would hold on for dear life. One time she flew off and another time I chipped my tooth!

We liked to play hopscotch. Sometimes we played Chinese hopscotch.

We played chase. Nobodies feeling were hurt because they were "it". If you were "it" a lot you learned to faster and then you weren't "it" anymore.


Red Rover was a big deal for awhile. As was dodge ball. We played a lot of kickball too (I wasn't very good at kickball)

A bunch of us used to play doctor behind the bushes - we never got caught.

There was jump rope by yourself. There was jump rope with other people. There was double dutch jump rope. I remember Chinese jump rope but I can't for the life of me remember how we did it.

I was a 4 square specialist. Even if you spiked the ball I could usually knock you out (of the game that is)

My biggest daredevil act was on the swings. We would take over 3 swings in a row. The two people on the ends would swing like a pendulum toward each other. The person in the middle would swing right through them. The object was for them to touch and separate just before you came swinging through the middle of them!

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