Thursday, September 2, 2010

what were you doing 5 years ago?

2010 - hanging out, blogging, helping little old ladies when I could (life w/heart failure), working at Fruth parttime. Thanks to government intervention I am alive.

2005 - tried to make a go at a 35 acre farm, working at TA Truckstop, Fruth and puppy mill, first symptoms of heart failure - making excuses for being so tired. Billy killed Lisa - tried to be supportive to Becca and Arnie (their kids) as much as I could.

2000 - started job at Fruth pharmacy. It was supposed to be temporary until I found something better. left job at Rxbytel - Walter (the owner and pharmacist) was a crazy fucker and I couldn't take it anymore. when I told the manager at Fruth why I left the other job he hired me on the spot. (as he did many times with ex Rxbytel employees)

1995 - left my husband after 13 years of marriage - he went bonkers! Started working at Raines Kennel at Tri State Greyhound Park. Lester hired me on the spot - my reputation preceeds me

1990 - moved to Florida to pursue my career as a greyhound Trainer, had 2 operations due to complications from an untreated miscarriage (paid for both of them out of my own pocket)

1985 - Huntington School of Beauty Culture

1980 - graduated Logan High School, attended Ohio State University

1975 - a very ugly and ungainly teenage girl

1970 - 3rd. grade. I had Mrs Mays. We donated 2 cents every week and we had a candy party and art every Friday after lunch. She had neat stamps that she stamped our papers with. The year I learned there was no Santa Claus.

1965 - 3 years old. My Sister Rhonda was born. We lived in Tennessee. I remember flying a kite and my dad cussing when I accidentally let it go, I remember being scared of some brush when we went fishing one day, I remember a nightmare with a woman's head on my nightstand and running to my parent's for comfort, I remember eating raw spaghetti with the neighbor boy next door - through the fence.

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