Friday, September 3, 2010

From My Druggie Days

One time I was at a couple's trailer. They were always so messed up that they walked around with their eyes closed all the time. I used to wonder how they walked around without bumping into anything.

One day the man told me he had something to show me. We went into the hallway where the middle bedroom was (remember those tiny bedrooms they used to put in trailers?). He had wired the door closed and it took him a minute to unwrap the wire around the network of nails and the door knob.

He flung the door wide open and laughed. I slammed back against the wall in the hallway and gasped for air. Inside that tiny bedroom were two of the biggest pythons I had ever seen in my life. Each one's head was the size of a paper plate and their bodies were at least a foot in circumference. They were coiled around each other and were so big that they filled up the entire room.

I raced out of the trailer scared out of my mind!

After he secured the door he came out to tell me about the snakes. He said he fed them each a rabbit once a week and occasionally he would give each of them a chicken to change things up.

A couple of weeks later the couple was killed in a police chase.

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