Friday, September 3, 2010

99 IQ?

I used to work in a kennel with a trainer that I absolutely despised. He was a worthless crack addict and as time went on I was completely unable to hide my contempt for him. This is an example of the kind of things that we used to do to each other to get under each other's skin. One day we were standing in line waiting for weigh - in.(Weigh - in is where you take the dogs to check them in before the races. They are weighed and their tattoos are checked to make sure that you have the right dog.) Brent started to brag to me that he had a 99 IQ. I just looked at him while he prattled on thinking surely he was making a mistake. The more he bragged the more he kept mentioning the 99 IQ. Finally I could resist no more. I asked him if he was making a mistake about the number. He insisted no that his IQ was 99.

I asked him what he was bragging about. He informed me that the IQ scale went to 100 and he was one point from perfect! I let him have it. I told him that he was mistaken that the IQ scale went up to 200 points! That if he had a 99 IQ then his IQ was one point below average like Forrest Gumps IQ was one point below retarded!


Everywhere Brent went that day people were shouting "Run Forrest Run!" completely humiliating him. That night they put a sign in front of our kennel where Brent parked the truck that said "Stop Forrest Stop!" When he pulled up he got out of the truck and ripped the sign to shreds. It was HILARIOUS!

Later he engineered a coup and had me fired. The only job I ever had that I was fired from.

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