Monday, September 27, 2010

10 Questions - doin' it Verbal Style

Blog Entry 10 Questions - Doin It Verbal Style Sep 22, '10 12:39 PM
for everyone

There are way too many quizzes out there, and some of the questions overlap. So it's my turn to ask you some life-altering questions to REALLY get to know you. Try not to think about your answers for too long... just write the first thing you think of, and have fun. Post here, or send in a PM if you're feeling shy.

1) You have all the resources in the world, and you can change one thing about the world permanently in the next 24 hours. No one will fight or argue with your decision to change this. What would you change? It can be something personal or something on a larger scale.

2) You have the power to make one person in the world disappear. The disappearance would happen silently and non-violently, but it would be permanent. It would be as if this person never existed in the first place. Who would it be, and why? Again, it could be someone you know personally, or someone known on a larger scale.

3) One choice for your last time ever. We'll play this "Clue" style. Pick a person, a place, and a thing. Person: your boo, a stranger, a celebrity (please include a name), two hotties. Place: the kitchen, the bedroom, a yacht, the 50 yard line, a dimly lit warehouse. Thing: handcuffs, whip cream, a camcorder, satin sheets. ONE choice from each is all you get.

4) Tell us ONE thing that NO ONE on M-ply knows about you. (note - we don't care what your favorite color, food, or car is. Make it something good)

5) Tell us a GOOD joke. It can be a knock, knock joke or a one liner or a funny story. Whatever you do, make us laugh. Or... it can be one that makes you laugh all on your own. Ready? Go.

6) Build your perfect boo from the floor up. Shorthand too... I realize that this could become a very long blog for some of you. Height, weight, build, personality, features, style, etc.

7) Fill in the blank: The hardest, yet the smartest, decision I've ever made was _________.

8) Fill in the blank: The funniest term for a sexual stunt I've ever heard is ________, which is _________. (Imaginary bonus points - did you try it?)

9) If you could put ONLY ONE item on your bucket list, what would it be and why?

10) What is the ONE song you'd have as your personal theme song when you walked into a room? (More imaginary bonus points if you post a video of it right here).

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