Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Repo Man

One time when my car was getting repo'ed, I found a cat. This cat looked extremely disheveled and was the weirdest shade of gray that I had ever seen. I was switching out cars and the cat just walked up and started rubbing himself on my legs so I loaded him up and took him home.

When we got home, we got out of the car and he jumped out of my arms and ran under my house. I did not see him again for 2 months but I knew he was there because the food I kept setting out for him was disappearing. One day I walked out of the house and there sat this stunningly beautiful, solid white cat. At first I didn't recognize him and then I realized it was The Repo Man (as I had affectionately dubbed him). From that day on he was a constant and faithful companion. I guess he wanted to make himself presentable before he became friends. I can't imagine the hours of washing it took for him to get rid of that dark, grey palor!

The reason The Repo Man was grey in the first place is because I had picked him up in a place called Black Bottom in Logan, West Virginia. Black Bottom is so named because it used to flood 2 or 3 times a year and everything would be covered with black, river mud. (now that the R.D. Bailey dam has been built it only floods once every 3 to 5 years - our federal tax dollars at work! Commerce is thriving there now.)

As to why my car was getting repo'ed, that was deliberate. I had bought the car from my boss. After that I was fired from my job (the only job that I was ever fired from) but that is not what the problem was. I continued to faithfully pay for the car until one of my greyhounds was returned to me injured. It was not just any injury, it was the same injury that I had heard the trainer of the kennel brag about inflicting on another dog when I was working in the kennel. I couldn't do anything about it because I had no proof.

From that day forward I quit paying for the car. I was also living on my 100 acres so I used the car for a work truck. This caused the car a lot of damage. (none of it deliberately inflicted) I can guarantee you that the car did not feel an ounce of pain from the damage - unlike my poor dog, who had an extremely painful muscle tear!

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