Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday's in the 50's

My mom grew up on a farm in Sarah Ann, West Virginia in the 50's. In her early years she would get up and watch shows like Tom Mix and Wagon Train (I think that is what she told me anyway) and Howdy Doody. She would put on her cowgirl outfit and sit in front of the tv and eat her breakfast from a tin pan just like the cowboys did.

When she grew older she was allowed to take the bus into Omar. I think it cost her a nickel for a hotdog and milkshake and maybe even the movie as well. One time her dad told her to stay in town and watch the movie twice and he gave her extra money to do it. She decided to go home anyway.

When she got home she found out her dad had killed her pet calf. He had given her the extra money because he didn't want her to find out what had happened to her calf. Of course she cried and she said she couldn't eat the meat that the family got from it. It was a farm afterall, so she understood why her dad had killed the calf, but it was still her pet.

My mom had 17 cats. Dotsie had her nose kicked up between her eyes by a rabbit. She said for the whole rest of Dotsie's life she could hear the sloshing of each breath that she took. Another of her favorite cat's was Tarzan. She said he froze to death sitting on a rock in the middle of the creek one night. When she found him the next day he was still sitting there.

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