Friday, September 17, 2010

I jumped out of my car

Oscar and James and I had been drinking. I was very drunk. Oscar was driving and James was in the back seat. I was in the passenger seat.

We were on an old railroad access road just joyriding basically. I don't remember why I got mad (I was drunk) but I told Oscar to stop the car. He didn't. When he kept going I decided that nobody was going to make me stay in a car that I didn't want to stay in and I told him again to let me out.

When he didn't stop this time I opened my car door. I remember thinking that I was going to need to roll when I hit the ground or I would get hurt. Then I jumped out of the car. I rolled. I lay on the ground suffering in all my pain as Oscar and James ran back from the car to check on me.

At first I thought I survived the jump unscathed. As I walked back to the car I put my hand on the back of my head and when I looked at it, it was covered in blood. I had a gash on the back of my noggin. I am good with other people's medical emergencies but I don't do well at the sight of my own blood. I started to wail.

Oscar walloped me. I stood there in shock. Unable to believe that he had actually hit me and thinking, "well, that is how they calm people down in cowboy movies." He tried to take me to the hospital but I refused to go. I did allow him to take me to his mom's house and she cleaned my wound.

The next day when I sobered up I did go to the hospital. Later when my parents found out about it they insisted that Oscar pushed me out of the car. That was not the case. I was a stupid, crazy drunk and I jumped out of my own freewill.

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