Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My First

He was a cute, country boy with blonde hair and a big smile. I don't remember his name anymore. We worked at Burger Chef together.and started to just hang out. We got close as young people do and for a few months we did everything together. I had a major crush but it was not love.

It was fun. It wasn't serious for either of us. We made out like teenagers do and went a little further each time. Finally I guess it just wasn't time to tell him "no" anymore. So late one night in the back seat of his big ole chevy I lost my virginity. Everything was great until the actual second that it happened. It was very painful. He didn't do anything wrong and neither did I, I guess it is just meant to be a painful thing.

I went home. He went home. He never called again. That was more painful than losing my cherry. I didn't love him but I sure had no idea that he was only after one thing and then I would never see him again.

A lesson learned.

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