Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've been meddling - again

My friend, Lillian, the 88 year old woman, has been sick for about 3 weeks. I have gone to the store for her but she hasn't been eating. She usually takes off on long walks everyday but she has grown so weak that she is complaining that her knees are wobbly everytime I see her. She refused my offers to take her to the doctor.

I went to her doctor's office on Monday and told them that she had been really sick and I was worried about her. I asked them to call her to come in. (they have done that in the past when she hasn't gone in for awhile.) They called her and asked her to come in Tuesday.

I went and bought her a bag of her favorite popcorn and dropped it off to her. She told me her doctor had called and she was going to see him so I offered to take her. Usually she would just walk but I knew she was too week to walk that far. (about 4 blocks)

On the way over to the doctor's office I noticed I could hear her wheezing with every breath. The doctor gave her some antibiotics and hopefully that will do the trick.

She is wondering who called and told him she was sick. I have no intention of telling her it was me.

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