Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Favorite Halloween

I went to the nursing home and picked up daddy and took him to dinner at the Waffle House. He had biscuits and gravy and all the things he wasn't supposed to have. It was one of his favorite restaurants. It was a holiday and I wasn't going to say anything about his choice of food and he knew it.

I took him home and set him up with a giant bowl of candy on the front porch so he could dole out the candy to the trick or treaters. I dressed up his little yorkie, Katie, in her Halloween costume. It was a little devil hood, complete with horns, and a t-shirt that said "killer". I put Nikita, the Chinese Crested, in the pen beside the porch because I figured that all the excitement would be too much for her. That way she could hide in the dog house if she wanted but she was still outside so she could be with us if she felt like it.

Daddy had a ball doling out the candy. For every piece he gave each kid he probably ate two himself. Everytime someone in a mask came to the porch the dogs would freak out and he would have a ball keeping his "killer" under control. (she was prone to ankle biting afterall) We laughed and had a high old time until trick or treat was over and then I took him back to the nursing home.

He died 4 days later.

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