Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Halloween Film Festival

1408 - the best scary movie I have watched yet. It is not full of blood and gore, just good, old fashioned scary stuff.

Shutter Island (my dream about the movie was better)

The Descent (very believable)

The Getaway (made for tv fare)

The Da Vinci Code (not my cup of tea)

The Fly (1958 version) (that poor, little man in the web in the end made it all worthwhile - "help me")

Trick or Treat (decent little scary movie)

Snuff (I turned this movie off in 1983 because it was too realistic. I was glad to see it again and see the obvious fake effects)

House of 1000 Corpses (my, my how my tastes have changed. a few years ago I gave this movie 4 stars)

Angels & Demons (I only watched it because I had seen the first movie. I could have lived without this one as well)

The Hunger (interesting little experiment)

Journey to Mars (something to kill time)

Final Destination III (I like these movies)

Atonement (I should have known better)

Carol Burnett Season 6 (hahahahahahahhaha)

Whip It (in another life I could have been a roller derby queen)

Astronaut Farmer (good movie)

Angel and the Badman (I love anything with Lou Diamond Phillips)

Rest Stop (stupid highway slasher movie - the heroine deserved to die for being stupid)

Vampire's Assistant (an adequate attempt at vampire humor)

Rise of the Lycans (bored to tears)

Final Destination II (actually I am watching it tonight)

Paranormal Entity ('sall right)

Life of Brian (Monty Python can't go wrong)

Lake House (surprised me - I am not usually into love stories)

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